Mepics Photography 01782385023 | Baby Macaque

Oldest known Grandmother gives birth to baby Barbary Macaque monkey at Trentham Monkey forest Staffordshire.
D27 aka Strangeface because of the skin pigmentation on her face is 24 years old and in monkey years that puts her well into her 70's . Strangeface has just given birth for the second time and is already a grandmother.
Sue Wiper scientific officer and primatologist at Trentham said "It is unusual for a Macaque to live beyond 20 years in the wild, so for her to have a baby at 24 years of age is most unusual and according to our research she is the oldest known mother in the Barbary Macaque species."

At Monkey Forest the Barbary macaques roam freely in a 60 acre forest. As you enter the park you can observe the monkeys living in their fascinating society as they would in the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco.
The two groups come from our existing parks in France and Germany and the monkeys have lived all their lives in a similar setting. The non-invasive policy, where we intervene as little as possible, allows you to see the monkey's natural behaviour just as you would in the wild.
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