Ronald and Shirley Ditchfield

Ronald was born on Coronation Street, Salford; growing up in the Manchester area; from here he joined the RAF as a chef. Shirley was born at Beech House, Ellesmere.

Ron was stationed at Prees Heath and was the last RAF personnel to leave the base and has told many times of how he actually locked the gate and handed the key to his superior. At this time Shirley was working as a telephonist at the Whitchurch telephone exchange; it was through this that Ron and Shirley met as with the base being in the process of closing down, Ron had one of the few phones on the base so when she had to put calls through they ended up talking and eventually he asked her out on a date and they went to the local cinema in Whitchurch.

On leaving the RAF Ron went back to Manchester and worked as a bus conductor, the couple went on to marry in Manchester but then made their home at Wirswall where they lived for thirty five years before moving to Thomson Drive where they stayed for the next twenty five years.

On moving back to Whitchurch Ron went on to work at Bradbury’s Butchers where he worked for around twenty years and then moved to become a driver for Laundry Craft as he enjoyed being out and about; he worked here until he retired.

Shirley continued to work as a telephonist until after having her eldest daughter Elaine and then after having her second daughter Sheena went to work for the Milk Marketing Board which she continued to do so for about thirty years.

The couple have five grandchildren, Martyn and Angela Nicholson who are Elaine’s children and Felicity, Isaac and Abigail Evans who are Sheena’s children. The couple have four great grandchildren, Kieran, Leo and Oliver who are Martyn’s children and Sydnee who is Abigail’s daughter.