Oakamoor Village Festivalhundreds of local residents and visitors were treated to a fun weekend beginning with a murder mystery and culminting in a brass band cincert. Also starring in the show were various scarecrows dotted around the village.

pictured are

Cuttest puppy owner Jakob Clowes (corr) 7 with 'puddin' the Jack Russell 14 weeks old. 1st in cutest puppy and 3rd in waggliest tail competition. 07772221022

Face painted 1st responders of Churnet Valley are L-r Rachael Littleford and Trevor Woolliscroft (corr) 01538702275

'More Tea Vicar?' Scarecrow designer is Carolyn Colduck (corr) whose father was a vicar 01538 702572

'John the Copperman' scarecrow designer Betty Charlesworth 01538702643

Marjorie Mitchell who helps in the village hall and is renowned for her scones and tea with her personal effigy 'Marjory' 01538703961

Jo Banks with Duck on head who is the 'Headteacher' at Valley primary.

The Pirates of Churnet Valley

l-r Paul Hambleton , Andrew Mullins (also in solo full lenght shot) Lynne Brunt (close up with pirate flag) and Nicky Derrett 07812823039

Various shots of the race teams


Oranged face laughing man of the Beans on Toast Tungate race team Dave Moulton 07712657633

Images by Martin Elliott 01782385023