B&Q Meir Park
Handy Andy from Changing Rooms visits the store and gives customers demonatrations to promote the openijnh of the 'You Can do it' purpose built area where members of the public can take over 20 classes in DIY.
Pictured are staff members with Andy and the general public
Lily 6 and Ella 3 Bowyer from Blythe Bridge (face Butterfly & Cat)
Steve Lewis-Brammer from Trentham (With Andy)
Ben Clarke 11 from Meir Park (with Andy)
Liberty Sweatmore 6 from Caverswall
Trevor Shaw Manager of B&Q
Jia Campbell from Meir and (China)
Rob Scourfield from Fenton (£50 voucher with Andy)
Phil Gregory from Newcastle
Steve renshaw from Stone
Richard Billson from Stoke
The Smiths Debbie , daughter Amelia and dad Andy from Meir Park withj B& Q's Chris
Megan 2 and kaitlin Eccleston (Blonde girls face painted)
Richard Whitehall from Meir Hay