Chatterley Whitfield Launch of country park and open day by Lord Mayor Cllr Denver Tolley and MP Joan Walley.
Also pictured are
Lucy Oakes 21mts from Kidsgrove with Grandad Barry 01782 773492
Jim Worgan Beard (friends of Chatterley Whitfield) with John Cope 87 with miners hatlamp born in Fenton and began working at the mine in 1938
James Brindley High school pupils Sarah Morris and Samuel Hardy both 15
The Project aims to turn the derelict Chatterley Whitfield colliery site into a heritage country park. The work will include making the buildings and structures safe and refurbishing them over time to keep their unique heritage but creating commercial and non-commercial units for the future. We will transform the 50 hectare site to enhance the current landscape. New footpaths will be created to encourage recreational use of this green open space and the popular cycle route 55 will be kept and enhanced.

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